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Chris Vogler: Master Classes 2015


“The Writer’s Journey” by American Christopher Vogler has become one of the cornerstones of modern screenwriting theory. Based on an influential memo he wrote while working at Disney Studios, the book is an international bestseller, and the ideas in it are used by a whole generation of screenwriters, novelists, producers, directors and more. Why? Because the Hero’s journey is found in all powerful storytelling, and Vogler’s principles and theories serve as the ultimate guide to telling deep, emotionally-driven stories. Chris Vogler travels around the world teaching his Masterclasses to sold-out audiences in film capitals like LA, NY, Paris and Toronto, and regularly serves as a consultant to top Hollywood studios and filmmakers. Vogler’s masterclass takes you on a journey to discover the essential story structure outline of the 12-stage Hero’s Journey, the eight major archetypes of character, strategies for deepening the audience’s involvement in the story, and much more.

Veranstalter: eQuinoxe und MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg
Anmeldung: www.equinoxe-europe.org/masterclass